Coaster Club Membership

1/5 Off Pints (20% off)

20% off all of your pints for one year

1/5 Off Standard Growler Fills (20% off)

20% off all of your standard growler fills for one year

Access to “No Growler Fill” Beers - Coaster Club Exclusive

As a member of the Coaster Club, you NOW have access to the beers on the “No Growler Fills” list on the board.

10% Off Merchandise, Bottles and Cans

10% off all apparel, hats, accessories and any takeaways! - Including bottled and canned beer.

Pints Poured In Exclusive Coaster Club Glassware

Glassware - exclusive to Coaster Club member use - will be stored at Five Threads Brewing Company.

Personalize/customize your very own clay coaster to be featured on our wall. Show everyone your support!

Personalized Coaster On The Wall!

Our Terms, Plain & Simple:

  • You may be asked to provide ID.

  • Coaster Club discounts are for the member only unless specifically mentioned otherwise.

  • Membership is non-refundable and may not be sold or transferred.

  • Pints = Full Pour.

  • Discounts do not stack unless specifically mentioned. Pint discounts are off full price pints and do not stack with Happy Hour or other specials.

  • Discounts do not apply to any food or sodas sold in the tasting room.

  • Membership pricing does not apply for FTBC special events (ex. Sláinte Fest or Anniversary Party).

  • Coasters belong to FTBC and remain in the tasting room. If you choose not to renew your Coaster Club membership for the next year, it becomes yours.

  • Specialized Coaster Club glass will be stored at Five Threads Brewing Company - only for Coaster Club member use.